Tartan Flannel Fabric

Tartan Flannel Fabric is usually made from loosely spun yarn. Flannel is a naturally breathable and yet highly insulating fabric. Today, flannel is commonly used for childrens winter pyjamas as well as pyjama pants for adults. Flannel isn’t just for pajamas and lumberjack shirts any more though, it’s also used to make clothing and bed sheets. Tartan Flannel Fabric is made from 100% cotton flannel, which is fantastic for autumn and winter weather. It will protect you from the chill of cold breezes and cloudy skies and great for sleeping on those cold nights. It is a mid-weight flannel that is ideal for shirts, skirts, dresses, jacket and coat linings, pajamas, pet clothing and more. Tartan Flannel Fabric can also be used to make blankets, pillow cases, quilts and other home items. At eSewingfabric, we carry peoples favorites like Canadian Provincial Tartans, Black Watch Tartan Flannel, Royal Stewart Tartan Flannel, Newfoundland Tartan Flannel Fabric and many other tartan flannel fabrics.


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