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Why Shop at our Online Fabric Store? is the perfect online fabric store for a sewing business or hobby like person. Our main objective of this online store is to sell quality fabrics at the lowest prices. With over 500,000 meters of various fabrics in stock for our online store at all times, our 20 years plus of experience in purchasing ensures that we are the premiere source on the web.

At, cutting is a vital step at our online fabric store. We have the ability to produce perfect even slices every time!  It is very important each piece is perfectly aligned in order to prevent an uneven or sloppy appearance. Our goods are useful in many ways, including retail, personal decorating, as well as professional decorating services whether you’re a interior designer or a homeowner looking to add character to your home. All our tartans are washable and amazing for apparel, light upholstery and especially great for school uniforms. Also, we offer hundreds of textiles in a rainbow of colors and prints, from delicate florals to modern geometric styles.

We source our goods from around the globe.  From factories in Bali, China and India to the finest European mills. Searching for the finest in quality tartans, quilting and vibrant cottons, because its perfect for those seeking to ignite their creativity with our fabric store. At, we attend yearly large trade shows to view the newest lines and trends on the market. We then take time to research and sift through all the new lines offered. Your interests, is what makes our decisions, on what fabric to carry.

We will ship fabric to customers in any amount almost anywhere in the world.  Browse through our wide selection of Flannel Fabrics, Quilting Fabrics and Tartan Fabrics.

online fabric store

online fabric store